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"Need to go directly to my VOICE DEMO REEL? And don’t miss
WONDER FEMALE, a hilarious scene I wrote for-”

“Yeah?” I should have known Jenson would butt in.
“As the President of your Website Welcoming Committee, I must say that is no way to greet your guests, Ms. Coe.” He flicks a teensy weensy bit of dust off of his impeccably clean, black suit jacket.
“You’re kidding right? I greeted ‘em just fine.” I jump away as Jenson tries to brush imaginary dust from my sleeve too.
“You want them to stay, and feel welcome I presume?”
“You presume correctly.” I respond with my best Jenson imitation.
“Then I should be allowed to greet them properly, correct?”
“By all means dear Jenson, far be it from me to stand in the way of a proper welcome.”
“Thank you.” He turns to look directly at you. “Let me welcome you to this website. Please pull up a chair by the fire. That ottoman’s a bit hard. How about this extra soft pillow? There. Comfy?”
“You can stop pokin’ at their feet now.”
Cool professional that he is, Jenson ignores me and finishes fluffing up your pillow.
“Now, please enjoy some delicious delicacies.” He moves a lace covered table closer, and begins by setting a three tiered tray, filled with food, beside you.
“Care for some fresh baked apple cinnamon scones? Lemon squares? Perhaps curried chicken salad sandwiches - without the crusts, of course. Something sweet then? You do not want to miss the Baklava.”
“You gotta try them!" I excitedly call from the doorway. “They’re my favorite. I got ‘em at this Greek baker-”
Jenson glares.
“As I was saying there are also chocolate covered strawberries. Now, tea will hit the spot. I am sure you would like a cup of Earl Grey. Sugar? Cream?”
You agree to them all, making Jenson a very happy member of the Website Welcoming Committee.
“Well, you certainly do look relaxed. Now how about some superb, tantalizing reading material? Might I suggest browsing though the many fine selections offered in the WRITING LIBRARY? Excellent!”
“Done yet?” I ask.
“Quite. They are presently browsing in your writing library.”
“Cool! Thanks for the help. Let’s hope they stay awhile!”
“Can I have a scone now?”
He slaps my reaching hand. “No, they are for the guests.”
“Ow! Well at least let me have some tea?”
“Please? Cuz you’re the best President of all the Welcoming Committees in the world?”
“I said no.”
“You do know I’m paying for this right?”
“Still no.”