A huge Childrenís Fantasy Adventure that has incredible settings and some unique characters. Thatís all Iím going to say about it. Just know that if you like the fun, creative and expansive worlds of books like Harry Potter and The Chronicles of Narnia, then make sure to keep checking back for updates and any publication details.

Other Humorous Childrenís Stories are finished, and have now been sent out into the big, wild, publishing world to sit on some poor overworked editorís desk. Everyone eat some
Lucky Charms today, and pray they get picked up.

Stargate Atlantis Fans:
To all those who expressed that you wanted more of The Zelenka Galaxy - Yes, I know I left you at a cliffhanger. Iím working on the next installment, but eventually youíre going to promise to buy the book (fingers crossed) if itís published, right? Iíd really like to be able to eat more than Ramen noodles.

As ever my screenplay, Stupid, just keeps getting, well Ė even more stupid actually, and I canít stop laughing.
Ah-h-h someday Iíll finish this . . .